Knowledge building

  • How does it work?
    Molecular unraveling of ferroptosis
  • How is the immune system reacting?
    Immunogenic responses to ferroptotic cell death
  • How to detect ferroptosis?
    Identify early biomarkers of ferroptosis
  • How effective is ferroptosis in killing therapy-resistant cancer cells?
    Identify ferroptosis sensitizing strategies

Discovery phase

  • Which are important hubs in ferroptosis signaling?
    Genome wide CRISPRCas9 screenings
  • Which small compounds induce or inhibit ferroptosis?
    Screening of compound libraries with our cutting-edge ferroptosis platform
  • Which FDA-approved drugs induce or inhibit ferroptosis?
    Screening of drug libraries allowing drug repurposing
  • How can we detect ferroptosis in biofluids?
    Develop new (real-time) diagnostic tools to detect ferroptosis

Preclinical phase

  • What is the role of ferroptosis in acute organ injury?
    Explore therapeutic targeting of ferroptosis in transplantation, single & multiple organ injury
  • What is the role of ferroptosis in chronic degeneration processes?
    Explore therapeutic targeting of ferroptosis in chronic kidney disease and multiple sclerosis
  • How to use ferroptosis to rust away therapy-resistant cancers?
    Development of ferroptosis inducing nanoparticles and liposome mediated sensitising strategies
  • What are the causes of chronic kidney disease & its consequences?
    Study environmental toxin-induced nephropathy, arterial media calcification & bone demineralisation
  • How is injury/ferroptosis boosting immune response and regeneration?

Clinical phase

  • Can we stratify ICU patients for ferroptosis or pyroptosis intervention strategies?
    Observational cohort studies ongoing to daily fingerprint ferroptosis & proptosis signature in ICU patients
  • Can we predict tissue injury using nanopore episequencing of cell free DNA in biofluids?
    Determine diagnostic potential of nanopore episequencing to detect tissue specific injury.
  • Is metformin potential drug candidate for treatment of chronic kidney disease?
    Interventional clinical study with metformin in CDK patients


  • Operational cutting-edge service platform for drug testing in several experimental rodent models
    • Acute & Chronic kidney disease along its co-morbidities (anemia, vascular calcification, bone disease)
    • Nephrocalcinosis/lithiasis & Osteoporosis
  • Provide metal and trace element detection (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry)
    • Quantification of  Al, Zn, Cu, Cr, Cd, Pb, Ni, Mn, Ca, Na, K, Fe, Sr, Pt, Se, As, Mg… in serum / plasma / urine / tissue samples from human or animal origin
  • Unique histomorphometric analysis of human bone biopsies and rodent bone
    • Evaluation of bone health by quantification of static (osteoid, mineralised bone, osteoblasts, osteoclasts…) and dynamic (bone formation rate, mineralization lag time…) parameters